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choices and mcdain's for the adults. >> paul: and send your u hits and misses and be sure to visit us on the web at for this week's edition of the journal, editorial report, and my panel. hope to see you here next week. >> jon: on fox news watch. one of news corporations leading publication, britain's news of the world is rocked by a major scandal over hacking phone messages, forcing the closure of that paper. arrests of deplayers, a high level resignation and allout attack against newscorp and the murdoch's family. >> and tell what yous they're doing. >> seems to break all the rules. >> are you telling me the people who work in that organization in this country have never ever used the same tactics? >> the hacking scandal tagged to several levels of the
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british government forcing parliament to investigate the accusation and calling rupert and james murdoch to set the record straight. >> they have no right to break the law if they're an american corporation. back here, politicians and the liberal press push for investigations into newscorp's u.s. operations trying to tie them to the news of the world scandal. what's behind this effort? >> that was then. >> despite administration denials, evidence emerges proving an anti-fox bias inside the white house. >> the politicians in the white house are willing to look you right in the eye and lie to you. >> jon: the end of an era for entertainment reporters covering harry and hogwart. and on panel judy miller, cal thomas, jim pinkerton, yellow new american foundation and host of the alan colmes show on fox news radio alan colmes. i'm jon scott.
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fox news watch is on right now. here is look at the final edition of news of the world, a tabloid paper published in the united kingdom and billed as the world' largest selling newspaper. that ended when rupert murdoch closed the paper over growing scandal because of hacked phone messages of celebrities. members of the royal family, politicians and 13-year-old girl who was abducted and killed in 2002. that story was first reported by a competing tabloid, the guardian, claiming news of the world journalists allegedly deleted voice mails on the child's phone to make room for more messages. as a result the girl's family falsely believed she was checking her messages. other accusations claimed news of the world employees hacked voice mails of victims of the 2005 london bombings, soldiers
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killed in afghanistan and iraq and other child victims. law enforcement are investigating a host of allegations including news of the world employees tried to bribe police for investigation on potentially news worthy stories. on friday, rebecca brooks, the chief executive of newscorp's newspaper unit, news international which publishes the times and the sun, resigned, saying, as chief executive of the company i feel a deep sense of responsibility for the people we've hurt and sorry for what we now know to have taken place. newscorp is the parents company of fox news channel. the chase involving the 13-year-old girl that got the investigation rolling or people steamed. >> i agree, it was outrageous p and the way you detailed it there, the family had false
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hope. whatever criminality might be there, it's incredibly immoral and the people who did it shouldn't be called journalists. >> jon: there's a full page apology from rupert murdoch, reading we are sorry and the news of the world was in the business of holding others to account, it failed when it comes to itself. we are sorry for the serious wrongdoing that occurred, we are deeply sorry for the hurt suffered-- . >> this is the latest case of piling on since the last rugby came. the left has been out to get newscorp and especially fox news channel and the murdoch family for years. as jim mentioned some allegations were in the british press several years ago and you don't have to be paranoid to believe at the very moment when rue pursuant murdoch was poised to ache over bskyb in britain that somehow these things got
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exploded and he has temporarily, at least, withdrawn from that bid. >> jon: bskyb is a satellite television provider in britain. >> u.k. >> jon: he had 40% of it. the company had 40% of it. he was about to buy the remaining shares. >> yes. >> jon: or launch a bid to do so and that's all, that's all gone. >> well, he's withdrawn the offer. let's see what happens at the end of this affair and let's see how far is spreads. i think the one thing that i haven't seen a lot of is, that is waiting to see what the facts show us and how far this spreads. now, we have apparently, a fbi inquiry into whether or not we ought to have an investigation into america, into whether or not similar practices were used by any of the newscorp outlites here. there is no evidence that i have seen to support that, but that doesn't stop, a lot of the media from jumping to the same kind of conclusions, that they jumped to with respect to dominique strauss-kahn, and
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automatically assuming he was guilty and then assuming he he was innocent. let's just wait and see where the facts play out. >> as much as the left or liberal mealing calling for investigations, peter king, hardly anymore more conservative than he called for a fbi investigation. this knee jerk let's blame the liberals, let's blame the left. they're out to get the news corporation and out to get mr. murdoch. there has to be some personal responsibility and look, mr. murdoch seems to be taking that and put out an apology and visited the family of that eight-year-old girl, but there has to be personality responsibility and stop blaming the left and liberal media like it's the liberals fault this happened. >> let's look what some of liberals are saying, with martin brashear comparing rupert murdoch to-- >> i've dpoot the right wing, news max. >> i've got more. >> the review. and right right wing, to
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defend something world of-- >> we're talking about two different things, with the law on one side and-- >> and the left, right-- >> wait a minute, stephanie glock, with about time, about newscorp and murdoch suffered damage. >> and a financial post, not about hacking it's an ideological war to bring down newscorp as if there's no cull pablt. >> both can be true. there can be puculpability and-- >> runs the logo of fox, know the news corporation not news of the world, but fox, that would say they're a little too gleeful trying to attack-- >> most people don't nosily knows that news corporation is the-- >> the purpose of the news is to inform. >> oh, jim, i'm so glad i could be here to get an instructional on you today, thanks. >> it seems that a lot of
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mr. murdoch's desubtracters, many of them are using this episode, unfortunate as it is, in britain, to try to tar fox news. >> and when you see three democratic senators, look, there's only about one profession i can think of that's protected in the constitution and that's journalists and new york times with an editorial let's not do anything to british newspapers now, let's not change british press laws in the week of the news of the world scandal. they don't want to see the government come in with a heavy hand to repress the press. and interesting to see if they write similar for american journalists and wondering whether destroying fox is worth doing it. >> and one of the submaritexts, some of the tabloids paid, and we've talked about checkbook journalism, from 60 minutes, and now people are will have casey anthony. there's a report for anonymous
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report, offered a million dollars to exclusive rights to an interview. and the same thing as tapping people's tele? >> subtext. >> let's talk about the context, just as context. a british journalist named guido fox, something tells me not his real name, and among the people linked to this or associated with this effort is piers morgan of cnn former editor of not a part of the british murdoch empire over interest, and guido fox points out that in a 2005 memoir, piers morgan wrote, now, this is how it could happen how you could tap anybody's phone. he denies any association, important to say he denies he and his paper did anything wrong, he were to say if it did happen, this is how you do it. >> does that somehow justify? >> no, a larger culture. i think when the smoke clears and--
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>> and alan, he never said that. >> that's what the implication is. >> jim started out by saying that these tactics were reprehensible. >> of course. >> i think we all agree on that. >> let's try to spread it around a little bit. >> and wait a minute. >> let's be sure that everybody who did it stops doing it. >> another element brought up by al new hart, usa today and his column op friday says there's an appetite for this kind of news, if there wasn't, that the product wouldn't be there. not only news of the world, but tabloids in the u.s. and tabloids all over. >> is that the course, what tactics do you use? >> i agree with that. >> time for a break, but first, check out the website, you can keep an eye on the big media stories in the watch list section and also go behind the scenes, always very interesting stuff on our website. check it out, news watch. up next, more on the news of the world phone hacking scandal. until i see smoke. so pantene said, "breakage and split ends? no problem."
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>> if this story stops at news of the world, justice has not have been done. just in my reporting to this piece, i took to public figures who are too scared of the tabloids in many cases to wish to be identified and they told me hair raising stories about things that have happened to them at the hand of the british tabloids and it was certainly not just the news of the world. >> jon: that was katherine mayor the london bureau chief for time commenting on the phone hacking scandal in the
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u.k., many believe is not just tied to the news of the world. you were talking about that in the last section, jim, that virtually every tabloid is guilty of some kind of-- >> is accused at least. in some cases admitted. >> jon: so, are the mainstream media looking at everybody here? >> well, i think it's fair to say you go to the daily coast and look around, they're out to focus on this company. but look, this is-- >> that's what's happening. >> it is, and let's talk about the way the company handled it, is it worth noting. rupert murdoch lives in america, it would have been easy for him to go on vacation and hide. he flew to london and accepted brooks' resignation, take out the full page ads and testifying before parliament and i'm sure going to dish out a huge settlement to the people they've wronged. >> and an independent committee to investigate. >> and that's in the annals of damage control that's pretty good.
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>> and isn't it also, true, alan, that many of the allegations or many of t incidences came to light because of newscorp's investigation. >> that's a spin to see how it's handled by the parent company, people who we actually work for, but the scandal did happen. how high up did it go. did rebecca know about it, or mr. murdoch know about it. who has culpability and signed off on it to happen. >> if you read the journalism, not to excuse it, people old enough to remember walter winchell, a column in new york city-- >> and to make this okay. >> i'm not saying-- i'm saying there's a history of this. an infamous scribblers-- >> air talking apples and oranges. >> still fruit (laughter)
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>> judy, we heard from rebecca mayor, that the political leaders in britain hate the tabloids and the hearings scheduled where the british government is going to be investigating or looking into the tabloids and the media. what's going to result from that? >> well, i don't know. i mean, i don't know how the government that was totally in bed with the tabloids then all of a sudden turns around and says, oh, we're shocked, shocked, to learn there is gambling in this establishment. i mean, look what was going on here as we've all discussed there, these allegations were around for a long, long time and nothing was done about it. it was the guardian, which is not a tabloid. and it's a left leaning newspaper which assigns nick daveies to a story that he pursued consistently to get more facts out about this or alleged facts, but i have to say something about the allegations with respect to american practices, and the that this is spreading here and that the only person that-- the only source of these allegations i'm aware of is the daily mirror, which is a
11:47 am
competitor to the murdoch organization that asserts the same practices are going on here. we don't know that. i think that the british culture is just very different. >> and the mirror of course was the paper they used the fake photographs of british soldiers torturing prisoners in afghanistan or iraq, i forget which, and that people, piers morgan. they have a robust culture and cross lines. one thing you can say since there are so many of them. a good thing they all compete and frankly check and balance it. >> nobody put it better than that great political analyst hugh grant. a great line. only three weeks ago all of our politician ins this country were sucking up to rupert murdoch drinking champagne on his lawn at a summer party so it's almost comic today they're competing in parliament to say he's a terrible person. they were afraid of him. >> the reason to dislike the tabloids if you remember, both british and-- >> there's a paragon of
11:48 am
morality. >> you want hipocracy i'll give you hipocracy, robert greenwald in the huffington post says that, you'll love it, the danger, when ever enlarging corporations take control of the public's right to know. let's see, that wouldn't nbc, cbs abc and public radio, oh, no, that's the fox news channel. that's the great evil. want to comment? apparently not. >> and as-- >> not only that, but we have to go. >> you know, just in time. >> one of many media outlets at that people should experience, you should get your news from not just one source, go to many different places and get fair and balanced news, thank you. >> all rightment time for another break, if you see something of media bias to you, e-mails us art fox news and prove of an anti-fox bias in the white house. n juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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>> having looked into this matter that no one at the white house, heater a current or former employee ever placed a dead fish in the fox news cubby hole, which i know is the suggestion. and it's well-known there was a dispute at the time between fox news and its coverage of the white house and its feeling about the coverage. and that was then and you know, we obviously deal with fox news regularly. i call on you regularly and give interviews to fox news, including to bill o'reilly, but beyond that i don't really know much about it. >> jon: they secretly love us. white house press secretary jay carney addressing new evidence of an anti-fox news bias inside the obama white house. a conservative watch dog group uncovered evidence showing the administration took a hostel position against this news channel. fox news chief correspondent
11:53 am
jim angle has more. >> reporter: in his first few months the obama administration sought to exclude fox news from kenneth wine guard. claims it was a mix take, but. >> we filed a freedom of information act request from 2009 and didn't get a response until last week, well over 18 months later. after first offering interviews to just the three biggest networks, officials decided to expand access to include cnn and possibly other cable networks, but not fox. the director of broadcast media at the white house shown on the right wrote to a treasury press officer let me know which cables we add and we prefer if you skip fox, please. it's not clear who the "we" refers to, but that wish was initially honored.
11:54 am
>> low and behold fox gets skipped and once it out there, you see the suggestion it's just a misunderstanding. >> the day after the controversy one media official writes to colleague, i am putting some dead fish in the fox cubby, just cause. >> white house spokesman jay carney tried to put it all in the past. >> that was then and we obviously deal with fox news regularly, i call on you regularly, we give interviews to fox news including to bill o'reilly. >> and fox news go get an interview with feinberg after all. and michael clemente, senior vice-president for news says on and off air with this administration have come a long way and if that helps get thing on a better track, then it's served its purpose. >> jon: and then an e-mail from josh earnest a deputy white house press secretary back in 2009 in which he mentioned that we've demonstrated our willingness, meaning the white house's willingness and ability to
11:55 am
exclude fox news from significant interviews, but yesterday, we didn't. is that kind of bias still underway at the white house? >> well, anita dunn having gone from being the white house maoist to a now a lobbyist, they cleared failed in 2009 and admittedly only coming to light now. i worked in two white houses for six years, everybody in the white house hates somebody in the press for sure and dumb enough to put it on paper or e-mail we all find out soon enough. the only thing i watch for two previous segments if we see the justice department or the fbi moving against fox or the news corporation we'll know that the spirit is true inside the white house. >> you never get anywhere attacking the media, whether it was john f. kennedy canceling subscription to the herald tribune or richard nixon declaring war on "the washington post" and new york times. we saw how well that worked
11:56 am
out for him. >> you tried whether there's cal pablty or malfeasance, as if the white house is dictating it. >> you're making the same mistake that so many people out there in media land are making, you're assuming that fox news and what the news of the world are part and parcel. >> i'm not assuming that. i work for this company. i know they're not the same. >> that's like saying that the folks at nbc are responsible for the-- >> and you're saying that-- assuming that the fbi moving against in company somehow the white house is behind it. >> what we'll know eventually because everything will get foia. and in the past, white houses and administrations have used the power of the justice department to crush their enemy. and-- >> that's, we have to. >> we have to take one more break, sorry, judy, when we come back the final harry potter movie is out. what does that mean to the reporters that have covered this series.
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>> jon: final installment of harry potter soorz up and it's also the beginning of the end. for 13 years, journalists have covered every aspect. book releases, red carpet and costumed fans and some reporters are frankly over it. monica from the "washington post" says i'm received. after a while there is so much i can say. i am glad they are

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